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A friend messaged me asking why I don’t ever share about the “energetic empath thing” – this is the first they’ve heard. The reason I don’t talk about it here regularly is because it didn’t feel important. That sounds silly seeing it typed out – but really, it isn’t…it’s like the fact I have hazel eyes. Irrelevant. It’s like breathing…I don’t announce that either – here I am…breathing in and out again – LOL.

Another person said something yesterday along the lines of that I do take the weight of the world and I’m an “amazing” empath and the energy work you do helps us all. This confused me a little. I have not heard the “weight of the world” thing since I was a child…my parents used to say that all the time. (Do I still do it? Is it really that obvious? Or is that just something you say?) My next thought was, how do you know I’m “amazing”? Most likely I am very mediocre. And what I do clearing houses is equivalent to picking up garbage you see when you are walking on the beach so we all have a cleaner place to live…it’s nothing really. Don’t we all have a responsibility to do little unselfish things to make something better?

Everything is comprised of energy, and we all feel it to varying degrees whether we are conscious of it or not. Being extra sensitive to energy is just like having hazel eyes – you didn’t ask for it, you can’t change it…it just IS. When I was a child, my parents noticed things…weird little quirky things…about my behavior because of it. Like they found me holding an injured bird, staring intently at it. When they asked me what I was doing with it, I told them I was giving the bird all my love inside so it wouldn’t be hurting anymore (Yeah, I was a weird kid). They also noticed that when my mom had an alcoholic beverage, I got tipsy. That really got them intrigued…they started trying to test it all the time and experimented with it. It amused them. (It did not feel amusing to me). I was a “worrier” and was always concerned with everyone being “okay”. Grandparents, parents, all adults used to say, “Why does she carry the weight of the world on her shoulders?”. (Which actually put bad visuals in my head…world on top of me sort of thing). My stepdad often said I was too sensitive, and I needed to “toughen up” (I did toughen up…and that was not really the right choice… but ensured I survived childhood I guess). I couldn’t let people sit on my bed or wear my clothes – it changed the energy. I would borrow other people’s clothes so I could hang out in their energy if I was having a rough time at home (but of course didn’t have a clue how to really verbalize that, so never explained). There you go…now I have “shared”. Happy? LOL

I’m pretty sure my mom was an empath too. And so was Robert (fiancé that died). I was so angry with him for not coming to hang out with me energetically after he died. I needed more time with him. There was just one day when I felt like I had a whole-body energetic hug…or maybe that was my imagination. All I ever got was his voice in my head saying “That would only make it harder” even though I promised I wouldn’t let it…my mom came to hang out after she passed. Not for a long time…but enough. We had promised each other whoever died first would come back and tell the other the answers to all the questions we had – like is reincarnation really a thing? When we visited, of course it was no longer – at that exact moment -important to know everything and we laughed about that and let all that stuff go. The only thing I needed to know was that she was okay and not “stuck” somewhere due to being murdered.

You know I don’t actually miss Robert the person as much anymore…that’s really a good thing. I just miss the deep soul connection/partnership thing. I actually know a lot of people. But only a few really know “me”. Even the ones I’ve known for over 30 years only know the small slice I show them…isn’t it weird how few people ever scratch beyond the surface of things? The circle of people I regularly spend time with is so small…I could probably fit all of them in my powder room at the same time. But then again, I guess that has been my choice.

After much rest, some positive energy teleported my way from a friend, and a three hour sound bath and meditation, all my fibro symptoms have receded and I am back to normal 😁.

Well – I’m off to the dentist to have some work done. If you think of it, please send me love and light. Going to the dentist to have work done is my most horrible thing…I would rather have a child natural childbirth…survive a car accident….confront a burglar….time in the dental chair gives me a level of fear and anxiety that can take days to get over! (But I’m being brave anyway…)