Embrace your sensual-ness, sexiness, and love of sex. This comes across as an attitude of sexual confidence.

Many of us raised to think sex was “dirty” in some way have a hard time with this. Sex can be dirty and messy and wonderful…as adults we are allowed to enjoy sex. Give yourself permission. Enjoying sex, wanting sex, having sex doesn’t make you a “whore” or any other label people like to use. It makes you “alive”, “in touch with yourself” and a person who knows what they like, who they are and is living life and being human.

Other woman may sense your sexual confidence and try to undermine it or judge it – that’s their own insecurities…just say to yourself ”screw them” and continue embracing your sensuality. My grown children got a little freaked out when they saw this change in me…they got over it. It just took a while for them to realize their mom was no longer hiding behind baggy sweats feeling unloved and unlovable with a bad body and no sex. Their mom is happy and confident and has curves that she isn’t afraid to show and is in her own way sexy. My hope actually is that by my example they will not be afraid to embrace their own sensuality as well.