The Undomesticated Bitch’s Guide to Dating and Sex

This blog is mainly for independent, “modern” women between the ages of 35 and 60. Most of us in this age bracket who are single, have substantial careers and have already had the family life, have divorced, and are “starting their life over”. I think dating and sex are different for us than it is for women in their 20’s. We’ve been to the puppet show and we’ve seen the strings! Each post on this blog will deal with one of the issues we face.

I talk to my peers often about dating and sex. When you have been married for what feels like a lifetime and you have cast yourself “out there” to try and figure out where to go from here, it’s hard. Sometimes it’s scary. And it’s definitely at times confusing. It seems like if we ever knew “the rules of dating” either we have forgotten them or they have all changed. Or maybe a combination of both!

At our age we’ve had some good relationships and some bad. Let’s face it – we generally have some baggage from past relationships. I like to think mine is designer and very cute. We all have a fear somewhere deep down that we will end up sad and alone with a house full of cats. Statistically, that is truly very rare.

Navigating the dating process in a healthy and meaningful way is going to require some strength, some thought, and some honesty – particularly with yourself.

Sex…well it seems that subject never gets old and it’s a topic I am particularly passionate about.

Consider me your new best girlfriend who will honestly tell you her opinion 🙂


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